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Our Sessions

Opening times during school term time are as follows:


Day                        Morning                  Afternoon

Monday                  09.00  - 12.00        closed   (Monday mornings, over 3's only)

Tuesday                  09:00 - 12.00         13:00 - 16:00  

Wednesday            09:00 - 12.00         closed

Thursday                09:00 - 12:00         13:00 - 16:00

Friday                      09:00 - 12:00        closed

Lunch Club:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12-1pm. 

This facility is provided for children that have settled well into pre-school and we feel are ready for this extra curriculum activity. If you wish for your child to participate in lunch club please speak to the Supervisor or Administrator.  

Allocation of Sessions:
On starting pre-school all children, in partnership with parents/carers, will be allocated specific days. However, if you wish to alter or increase these at any time please speak to the Supervisor who will do her utmost to accommodate this. 

Arrival of Children:
Children should arrive through pre-school’s back door into the cloakroom area (except on a Thursday pm session when they should arrive through the main door), then be escorted by their parent/carers to the main hall to find their name card and place it on the name board. Parent/carers will then depart through the main door.

Collection of Children:
Parent/carers should enter through the main door (unless otherwise directed) and then proceed through to the main hall to collect their children and folders and exit through the main door.

On your child’s first morning please be prepared to stay, as parent/carer and child are allowed as much time as necessary to adjust to their separation. We may ask you to separate from your child for brief periods at first, gradually building up to longer absences.

For both arrival and collection it is important that you are as punctual as possible.

Any child likely to be collected at any time by someone other than their Parent/Carer must submit an up to date photograph of that person to be kept on file for reference (must be over 16 years of age). If you are not collecting your child from pre-school, when dropping them off at the start of the session please record the name of the person who will be collecting them, and sign in the book provided.

If you are unable to collect your child in the event of an emergency, please phone the Supervisor/person in charge where a password collection can be arranged.

Children are supplied with a folder to carry letters, their creations and their pre-school book club book to and from home. This procedure is to encourage the children to recognise their own names and it is important that it is returned to each session.

If your child will be absent from pre-school for whatever reason please contact pre-school at the beginning of the session. Holiday absences should be advised in writing as soon as possible.

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